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Our references Incoming and circulating documents

Incoming and circulating documents

Optimum management of your document flows

Documents entrants et circulants

The multiplicity of documents arriving and flowing through your organization (internal mail, customer mail, contracts, coupons, regulations, forms. etc.), the strong growth in digital data exchange and the diversity of communication channels, have changed the rules for document management.

It has become a must to make use of solutions which standardize the circulation of documents in order to optimize customer, vendor and partner relations management and the coordination of internal services


Jouve can provide you with services based on a document flow management platform which covers the entire document cycle within your organization:

  • Recognition by voting multi ICR-OCR (Intelligent Character Recognition - Optical Character Recognition)
  • Multilingual management (over 20 languages)
  • Standardized control procedures (completeness, consistency, compliance)
  • Portals for customer-provider interaction:
    • Reporting and control of real-time production
    • Document traceability
    • Requests for functional improvements
    • Incident management
  • Ability to process at client sites
  • Owned home-and-offshore processing centers: Romania, Poland, Senegal, Madagascar, India, China
  • BCP/BDRP (Business Continuity Plan/Business Disaster Recovery Plan)

Customer benefits

  • Optimize the time taken to process the flows of incoming documents
  • Refocus your team on your core expertise
  • Transform fixed costs into variable costs and reduce them significantly
  • Improve flexibility and absorb fluctuations in volume and peaks in activity
  • Improve satisfaction levels for internal and external business partners
  • Increase the reliability of the data feed to your Information System