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The links "Go to contents" and "Go to main menu" at the top of the page, also called skip links, and visible from outside the application of the CSS style sheet, give you direct access to these two parts of the site.

Search engine

The search engine enables you to search the site while browsing it. The search results are presented in the form of a paginated list.

Main menu

The main menu, with three headings, allows you to navigate easily within the site and is available at all times during your visit to the site.

Secondary links and other tools

These links are divided between the header and footer of the page, and the end of the body of the page. They give you access to other areas within the site or to tools:

  • The Group: takes you to the 3 pages of introduction about the Jouve Group and its activities
  • News: takes you to the page with recent news items about the Group
  • Human Resources: takes you to the 3 pages closely linked to the human resources department within the Group
  • Contact us: takes you to the contact form
  • Accessibility: the current page
  • Site map: to see the site map
  • Legal texts: to see the legal information about the site
  • Site language: to choose the language in which the site is displayed (options: Français, English, Deutsch)
  • Top of the page: to go back to the top of the page without using the elevator bar


Keyboard navigation

You can navigate this entire site using the keyboard and without using a mouse.

This navigation works by using the "Tab" key, found on the left of your keyboard. With this you can move from one link to the next within the page.

The sequence within the page is top to bottom and left to right.

Using the "Enter" (or "Return") key will activate the current link (like a left click using a mouse).

Finally, the "Up" and "Down" arrows allow you to move upwards and downwards respectively within the current page.

This kind of navigation also allows you access to the "Skip Links" option, at the top of the page, giving you rapid access to certain parts of the page or the site you are visiting.


By clicking on the logo at the top left of the page header, you can return to the home page.


Breadcrumbs are a navigation aid which help you to see quickly where you are and make it easy to navigate the site. They help you visualize where you are and allow you to backtrack at any time. They are shown under the main menu, at the top left of the page and are displayed in the form:

Home / Heading / Sub-heading / Current page

Site map

The site map can be accessed from the site header by clicking on the "Site map" link.


Some documents are available for download in PDF format, from Adobe Acrobat.

If you do not have this software installed, you can download Acrobat Readerfree of charge from the Adobe site.

Compliance with web standards

The site is compliant with the following web standards:

  • Our HTML code follows the W3C recommendations for HTML 50,
  • Our CSS code complies with the CSS2 and CSS3 specifications for certain graphical effects.

Tests have been carried out using the W3C validation tools.

Accessiweb quality label

The site has been awarded the silver grade based on Accessiweb 2.1.


The current version of the site complies with the AA level accessibility rules.

Listening to the site

The can be listened to thanks to the use of technology which reads the text aloud, from BrowseAloud, the Jouve Group partner in the field of accessibility.

<logo Browse Aloud>

To be able to listen to the site, you simply need to download the free-of-charge tool from the following address (external link):

Once installed on your PC, the free BrowseAloud software tool is able to read aloud approved websites, including, while highlighting the text being read out. You can also use this tool to create mp3 format audio files from the voice version of the site.