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Jouve has developed and implemented a workflow solution with three key features:An automatic typesetting toolA streamlined editing process developed by the Jouve teamImage processing functionality, including template and color managementJouve has formed a... Consult reference


This project involved formatting, printing black and white paperback books, the digitization of texts and production of XML and EPUB files for digital publication. Jouve has formed a multidisciplinary project team (formatting, printing, technical and sales... Consult reference


This content is not available in English Consult reference

Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport, and Housing

Creation and development of a single web portal www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr- Audit for the consolidation of 32 existing websites (120,000 pages processed)- IT Project Management Support: workshops, content structuring, and publication- Design of... Consult reference


Selection and installation of a CMS web solution capable of covering the entire strategic and practical needs of a legal publisher- Analysis of the needs and coverage of suitable market solutions- Comparative CMS study- Technical recommendations- Ergonomic... Consult reference


Design and development of a new online solution created for searching for and publishing lists of certified suppliers- Ergonomic design and graphics- Flex, Java development- Integration of the Sinequa search engine Consult reference