Développement et intégration de services informatiques

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Calmly design the future of your contents

The success of an IT project combining documents and business use requires an upstream understanding of where you need to gain an edge and an in-depth knowledge of existing technologies. In a context of permanent changes to practices and methods, mastery of these skills is itself a permanent challenge. Relying on an experienced and innovative partner becomes a strategic choice.

Jouve can provide personalized assistance from the design phase of your management and document distribution solution onwards, to help you achieve your targets and succeed with your project.

moa accompagnement

X-net project management assistance

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User Experience Design

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accessibilite numerique

Make your site accessible to as many people as possible, increasing the number of visits by users, by customers

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test utilisateurs

Manage the cost of application and website quality

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responsive design

Your website on any device

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