A simultaneous paper and digital typesetting collaborative platform

composition papier et numérique

The publishing world is facing many new challenges: optimizing production cycles, working with diverse input and output formats, and enriching printed materials with interactivity and other features, among others.

To respond to these challenges, Jouve has developed a new professional typesetting service. Both for paper and digital, it is based on standard formats and tools of the market (InDesign). This means you can get three simultaneous versions of your works – paper, standard digital, and enriched digital.


Jouve’s integrated service coordination means you can take advantage of the offer that is best adapted to your needs and those of your organization. You also get access to the combined expertise of our 300 prepress and typesetting specialists.

  • Input formats: PDF, EPUB, XML, Word, InDesign.
  • Output formats: PDF (print, web, interactive), EPUB 2&3, fixed or reflowable layout, HTML5, XML. On request, we can add our proprietary formats (Jouve reader, Inkling, etc.) to this list.
  • Enrichment links and multimedia: interactive exercises, video, audio, links, pop-ups, etc.
  • Structure the content so that articles or digital components can be cut and pasted. Manage the component database to allow for optimum reutilization
  • Simple and fast collaboration between the different actors in the value chain for effective project follow-up
  • Design and enrichment of metadata.
  • Font management: font integration, or the option to replace them with standard fonts in digital versions.
  • We integrate programs into your works, enhancing user experience. For example, users can scroll pictures, drill down into a dynamic table or map of the world, work on interactive exercises, alter their reading paths, and much more.

Customer benefits

  • Optimize your publication time for your paper and digital works.
  • Get your works in all native e-formats (PDF, fixed and reflowable layout ebooks, XML, etc.) and compatible with most readers on the market, such as Apple Tablets, Amazon Kindles, Kobos, etc.
  • Enrich your digital works with interactive multimedia elements, such as interactive exercises, video, audio, links, tables, pop-ups, etc.
  • Benefit from Jouve’s expertise in multilanguage management (over 20 languages).

Related services

  • Editorial Services
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Photo-engraving
  • Creating interactive exercises with HTML5

Key points

  • Multi-language, simultaneous production of paper works and digital versions
  • The option to create digital versions ranging from “standard” to “highly enriched”
  • One process and one sole contact for production using your language
  • Correction loops integrated into both paper and digital versions
  • Digital versions with reading paths that differ from those in your paper versions
  • Ability to manage a database of digital components and optimize their reutilization