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Automatic typesetting


Springer-Verlag-France is a publishing house that specializes in texts for professionals in the fields of medicine, mathematics, statistics, computers and engineering sciences. With a catalog of 300 titles and 50 new texts being added per year, the company has become a leading market player. Springer-Verlag-France focuses on three areas of activity: publishing journals, publishing books, and marketing the Springer collection in France.

Automatic typesetting

Jouve has developed and implemented a workflow solution with three key features:

  • An automatic typesetting tool
  • A streamlined editing process developed by the Jouve team
  • Image processing functionality, including template and color management

Jouve has formed a multidisciplinary project team of publishing and computer engineering specialists to attain the target goals.

Key features of the project:

  • Development of a professional and configurable solution
  • An innovative solution for automating approval processes
  • Optimized response times with a Web service solution