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Banking and Insurance

A sector undergoing major changes

Banks and insurance companies are undergoing profound changes. Increased competition, downward pressure on costs, new regulatory requirements and the current economic climate provide a range of challenges to be met. The modernization of the sector (new distribution channels, digitization, proliferation of products and financial services, new mobile services etc.) are now giving rise to an increased need for outsourcing and process-optimization.

Competitiveness factors

Retail banks, private banks, insurance companies and financial services establishments are having to manage some major challenges in order to increase their competitiveness:

  • reduce costs and processing times
  • optimize payment methods management
  • digitize incoming data and data flows
  • outsource back offices
  • customize and simplify Customer Relations
  • develop innovative services (mobile and digital use)
  • master the risks
  • increase operational flexibility
  • combat fraud

Why Jouve?

As a service provider, the Jouve Group is a major player in the area of bulk multi-channel processing flows. Thanks to our global mastery of information processing and a strong ability to automate and innovate, the Group is an expert partner for the outsourcing needs of banking and insurance. We have the domain expertise and the technology platforms to support improving operational performance and increasing customer loyalty.