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impression à la demande et livre numérique

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Books and ebooks

Impression livre papier et impression à la demande
ebook, livre numérique
impression de livres, bookissimo
Whether you are an author, publisher or distributor, you are currently dealing with a complex and fast-changing environment: digitization of contents, multimedia, interactivity, multiple distribution channels and reading devices, Print on Demand, social media, self-publishing....

As an industrial company specialized in printing since 1903, Jouve can supply automated typesetting solutions, printing on demand and short runs to enhance flexibility and increase your profitability.

With a high level of relevant expertise gained over the years in the processing of digital content, Jouve can also advise you on the creation of multi-format eBooks (PDF, EPUB, EPUB3, KF8...), their enhancement (multimedia, interactivity) and their distribution in the new formats.

Creating interactive exercises with HTML5

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Capitalize on the digital multimedia distribution of your content

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Align your printing methods to the new forms of document distribution

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Automate the layout of your works and optimize their multi-format distribution

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