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Boost your business processes!

New channels of document collection (mobile devices, e-mail) and the growing use of DMS-workflow solutions require rethinking and modernizing your document management processes.

Jouve helps you to transform your business processes by offering efficient multi-channel document solutions and services:


  • Solutions for management and recognition of mass documents (automated document recognition/imaging), in SaaS or Editor mode
  • Mobile solutions for data capture at the source, and real-time document management, Jouve Mobile Capture.
  • High-performance large-scale workflow


With your input, Jouve redefines the document process and commits to performance on:

  • a better quality of service using business practices designed to bring about rigorous continual improvements (LEAN Management)
  • lower subscription and processing times, resulting from advanced technologies of document recognition and revamped processing architecture
  • automatic consistency and completeness checks between documents, regardless of the channel providing the information
  • a seamless global process, generating a positive ROI