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Helping publishers through their digital revolution

New opportunities in the publishing sector

Given the emergence of new actors, new technologies and distribution methods, publishers need to rethink their organization and change their production processes. The challenges are found, on the one hand, in the quality levels and diversity of their products, on the other hand, in the level of content enhancement needed to satisfy ever more readers.

Rethink all the links in the editorial chain

The players in the printing sector (educational, legal, coffee-table books and art books, whether aimed at professionals or the general public) need to look ahead to the implications of the digital revolution and grasp the opportunities for growth it will create:
•    Take advantage of new technologies to create innovative products
•    Optimize the design, production and content management cycles
•    Adapt to new types of readers (tablet, Smartphone, etc.) and new modes of distribution (multi-media availability)
•    Rationalize inventory management and improve print quality

Why Jouve?

An industrial company which has specialized in content processing since 1903, Jouve is now placing its expertise in the areas of automation and process simplification at the disposal of your publications. Specializing in the fields of publishing and digital production, Jouve covers the entire publishing process for your content through to its distribution on paper or in digital form. Our experts can provide you with customized responses that are tailored to your needs.

Coffee-table books, art books

Coffee-table books, art books - our heritage is made accessible thanks to Jouve solutions

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specialist of educational market and school book

School books in the electronic schoolbag...

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legal editor

Thirty years of recognized expertise in the legal market

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Literary publishing and trade

Literary publishing: extract value from your assets and enable their multi-media distribution

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