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Innovation approach

Innovation at Jouve: the engine that drives your performance

Enhance performance and prepare for the future with Jouve.
New uses and new content, new media and mobility, security and monetization are key factors in gaining a competitive edge.

To meet these new needs and to handle rapid structural changes, the Jouve Group has created an innovation approach based on an innovation laboratory and on investing annually 10% of our turnover in research and development: so we can offer you innovative and bespoke technological solutions.

What we seek: continuous improvement, which is... shared!

Since 2006 Jouve has been involved in more than 50 large-scale innovative projects: Quaero, the European digital library, etc. This didn't come about by chance.
Recognized in our market, our innovative capacity has allowed us to develop:

  • solutions which are 100% Jouve and completely customized,
  • joint solutions, in collaboration with technology partners such as NewPhenix, Adobe, Microsoft, S.C.C, Macrovision, etc..

All of these provide the basis for the integrated production system developed by Jouve in order to:

  • share the benefits of industrialization and the automation of processes,
  • get control of and reduce your costs,
  • plan and track your production in real time, simplify trade.

Projets innovation