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Our references Creation of a graphics map

Creation of a graphics map

Creation of a graphics map

conception charte graphique

Your needs

  • Create or reinforce your visual identity in all your interactive communication: internet, intranet, smartphone applications, tablets, avatars…
  • Design of your products and business software: directories, editorial system, ECM, electronic government, engines...
  • Design print and below the line: spread your map to cover all your media, create brochures, lay out communication documents, design stands, scrolls...

What you can gain

  • Work towards your communication goals and suggest a graphics look in line with your targets.
  • Promote and breathe new life into your image, your products and institution
  • Follow the latest trends in web design
  • Suggest aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces which better match your customers' and users' expectations
  • Respond to accessibility requirements without sacrificing aesthetics.

Our solutions

  • Graphics brief and reshaping your communication strategy
  • Benchmark the trends in your market or in the state-of-the-art
  • Graphic creation of Internet site pages, illustrations, logo and brand designs
  • Iconography research to enrich your visuals and assist your communication goals
  • Roll-out of graphics: internal pages, secondary components, illustrations, pictograms
  • Drawing up the graphics map: reference document for visual codes