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Interactive exercises in HTML5

Create interactive exercises using HTML5

exercices interactifs pour tous supports numériques

In the fields of education, professional training, children’s books, and young adult fiction, interactive digital content has become an absolute necessity for enhancing your offerings and drawing in new users. Using HTML5, Jouve develops innovative solutions for interactive exercise creation—solutions that allow any publishing house to offer multilanguage web-based content that is fun, interactive, and customized.

The Service

Our service for producing top quality interactive exercises in HTML5 format is based on models made up of numerous types of predefined, combinable activities. You can also entrust us with the editorial task of adapting your paper workbook content into interactive exercises in HTML5.

  • Entry formats:
    • PowerPoint
    • Paper
    • Word
    • InDesign
    • PDF
    • Flash
  • Pre-production monitoring: Jouve offers a supply chain that is 100% Web-based, which facilitates and streamlines online collaboration with our partners.
  • Customization features: Take advantage of either our standard or advanced features for building customized programs.
    • Standard Customization - Standard interactive exercises adapted for a publisher, a collection, or a single work: choose your logo, colors, copyright, language for menu buttons, etc.
    •  Advanced Customization - Tailor-made customization of your interactive exercises: choose your program’s design, scenario, behavior, and interactivity.
  • Multi-device and multi-format delivery:
    • PC/MAC, DVD, Tablets
    • LMS integration capability
    • Web browsers: Firefox, IE10, Chrome, etc.
    • Formats: SCORM, QTI, EPUB, etc.
  • Examples of activities: drag and drop, coloring, flash cards, Memory games, crossword puzzles, MCQ tests, Cloze exercises, drop-down lists, find the error, matching, etc.

Customer benefits

Jouve’s services include producing top quality interactive exercises using HTML5 format; these are based on several kinds of combinable predefined activities.

  • Quickly enhance your offerings of interactive exercises by entrusting us with the task of designing them based on your existing paper workbooks.
  • Using the solution’s standard customization features, create quality interactive exercises while saving both costs and time.
  • Design complete and integrated learning programs by relying on our wide selection of types of exercises and possible combinations.
  • Support learning by enriching your exercises with multi-media elements—such as sound, video, animation, and 3D—for increased interactivity.
  • The interactive content is created and delivered in HTML5, and can be reused on any digital device. This flexible supply chain guarantees optimum compatibility and lasting evaluation paths.

Jouve "Plus"

Over 180 combinations and 21 different types of exercises!