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Whatever your role in the education publishing world, you need to create and/or manage what are sometimes large volumes of information. Each step is crucial and the aim is to optimize production and distribution processes, in order to reduce your costs and to offer you new and innovative services.

All the answers to meet today's needs and to prepare for a digital future

As a vendor of many years standing in type-setting and page-setting services to educational and para-educational publishers, Jouve is well aware of our customers' expectations in terms of quality and reaction times. Building on this experience, Jouve assists our customers in making the transition to digital publishing, by offering services along the whole editorial value chain. From content creation to e-typesetting, via inventory holding, distribution and transmission via multiple media (paper, eBooks, web, publishing-to-order, etc.), Jouve is involved in the whole life-cycle of your publications.

Content creation

Thanks to our solutions, Jouve can:

  • guarantee the availability of your publications on new media (eBook, on-demand publishing, web portals, shared sites, etc.) by offering you the following services:
    • conversion of your already published works (post-production of paper, PDF or electronic books) to structured electronic formats (epub, Mobi, .lit, Palm, xml, etc.),
    • converting works which are currently in production to new electronic formats, which your current editorial service does not offer.
  • optimize editorial chains
    • setting up XML production chains which are either outsourced or installed on your site,
    • conversion of manuscripts written in word-processing programs (e.g. Word) to a structured XML format.
  • create multimedia content
    • creation of Flash or Flex components for it to be put on line, using a paging application, a widget or a website.
  • enrich metadata to improve accessibility to the content
    • creation of keywords, indices, extracting terminology or classification by content-mining technology.

The typesetting of your educational and para-educational works requires specific skills. Jouve will optimize your production process and promote automation and the creation of production infrastructures. In outsourcing mode, the content creation is based on a unique production infrastructure, shared with the customer (Jouve Service Delivery Platform).

For publishers who want to develop internal editorial chains, Jouve can assist you and develop a la carte solutions which will make use of the best software on the market, and include the "industry-specific" functionality which your future users will require.


The XML data flow uses automatic or assisted page-setting to convert perfectly to the distribution medium. The eBook files are formatted to match the constraints of each reader. For printing, page-setting can be totally automated or customized, depending on the works and the collections (using Indesign or 3B2). Jouve has developed a unique system of template management which we offer to our customers. Jouve adjusts its production processes to provide our customers with the best trade-off in quality/price/time.

Hosting, storage and distribution

A standard-setter in the hosting sector in France, Jouve offers both DAM (Digital Asset Management) and DAD (Digital Asset Distribution) for storing your works and providing optimized accessibility to the various search engines and distribution to on-line sales sites.

Jouve can provide content securitization using DRM (Digital Right Management) technology.

Sales and e-commerce: from your distribution media to the media of the future

Your works can be sold on all the media on the market and on future distribution media, whether these are:

  • on paper: Jouve can provide printing services to meet your needs (particularly to meet deadlines for new releases for the new academic year). These flexible and customizable solutions, combined with our Printing On Demand services, allow you to meet all your readers' expectations,
  • eBook: produced or converted correctly, your content becomes available on all the readers on the market (Sony, Kindle by Amazon, Palm, iRec, etc),
  • web: "browsable" versions can be generated, web2.0, e-learning,
  • on-demand printing: the granular XML contents, once correctly indexed, can be used by search engines and combined with other content to generate other works 'on-the-fly'. This solution is especially useful for creating course material or for integrating into an e-learning platform.

Our experts can also provide recognized know-how to design and implement your Internet sites or on-line e-commerce applications.

Gain in quality and speed

Combining industry know-how and other expertise will guarantee you:

  • maximize the value for your content, your form and in terms of access to your information
  • benefit from page-setting or structures which suit your content, while respecting typographical rules, the creativity of your artistic directors, search-engines and hyper-links,
  • optimize your update procedures and manage the different types of actors involved (authors, editors, etc.),
  • make it easy to place your production templates for PDF and XML flows on-line to allow multi-channel distribution (web, paper, eBooks., etc.),
  • reduce your production costs while benefitting from more services,
  • develop new editorial services such as an electronic schoolbag to increase sales and improve the quality of your products and delight your readers.