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  • Public company founded in 1903
  • 2,000 employees
  • 25% of sales are export
  • 19 locations, 9 in France

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Jouve Group

The Jouve Group provides customers with cross-media solutions for designing, enriching, showcasing and distributing content. By offering innovative turnkey solutions for publishing, digitization, business process outsourcing, IT and printing, we help our customers develop flexible strategies to gain the competitive edge in the digital market.

As a service provider and new technologies integrator, Jouve has three major advantages:

  • in-depth knowledge of its clients' content
  • expertise in leading-edge technologies
  • suitable solutions for business processes

In each of these different domains, Jouve applies a policy of continuous innovation. This has constituted our main driver for development since the appearance of the CD-ROM back in the 1980s, followed by digitization, the web and eBooks in 2007.

Today Jouve offers solutions and services for:

  • digitization
  • shape or character recognition
  • structuring
  • indexing metadata
  • content mining
  • formatting and layout
  • multi-channel distribution

On behalf of its clients, Jouve develops, integrates and operates computer systems for the procurement, publication, management, research and distribution of content.

Our product range enables you to:

  • make intelligent use of the content you own: have access via search engines, identify semantic value, classify logically, update, distribute through multiple channels (paper, web, audio/video, paperback, eBook etc.)
  • extract value for the following purposes:
    • decision-making (reviewing case-law for lawyers, for example)
    • informative sessions (interactively sharing information - Web 2.0, 3.0 technologies)
    • teaching (interactive text books, for example)

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