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Thirty years of recognized expertise in the legal market

As a legal editor, you need to make relevant and reliable information accessible, quickly and easily and ensure it is updated from a valued content. At the same time, you need to optimize your productivity and costs by reducing the production and distribution cycle for your works, periodicals and loose-leaf publications.

But how can you present your content and best exploit your information? How can you benefit from interactive management of your assets and make your multi-media products continuously profitable?

By your side, from digitization to distribution

To meet your requirements, Jouve offers you its recognized expertise:

  • data-mining: agreeing approved proofs with your authors, XML first structuring of contents, linguistic checks, type-setting for simultaneous production of a paper and electronic version, monitoring the overall workflow, etc.,
  • digitization: mass digitization, amalgamation of existing text and standardization, structured entry and adaptation to the legal contents, etc.,
  • creation of workflow and customized databases to control production, linked to a custom extranet. Real-time production management for your publications from your PC.

Combining all these skills allows you to benefit from the latest solutions on the market:

  • innovative production: in real time, while reducing your management costs,
  • remote updates,
  • optimum re-use of editorial content,
  • rapid multi-media distribution with improved quality.

Optimize and improve your electronic applications

Thanks to synergies achieved between our activities in the traditional publishing world, particularly in the legal sector, and our expertise in digital publishing, Jouve can provide the appropriate solution for all your challenges relating to management of the document chain, and enable you to:

  • adjust your editorial strategy at any time: the portal and production chain we provide you with can be adapted to any decisions you may take,
  • control your production, while optimizing your costs and publication deadlines across multiple formats (paper, web, syndication, eBook, PDA, etc.),
  • provide multi-channel distribution, while reducing your time to market and increasing your margins.

All the services you need to improve productivity and quality

Alongside this range of services, Jouve can provide you with:

  • consulting and advisory services with high value added,
  • customized tools (file management, information watches, document export, etc.),
  • our ability to certify published documents (authentication and timestamping) and to secure data (database encryption and anti-intruder software),
  • archiving of published data,
  • creation and development of institutional sites and information portals to distribute your information on-line,
  • on-demand print solutions for reworking and updates to ensure rapid distribution to your subscribers and reduce your inventory and your costs.