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Jouve Mobile Capture

Increase the reliability of your process for capturing and checking ID and supporting documents

Saisissez et contrôlez en temps réels les informations contenues dans les documents officiels

The digitizing revolution is here: with the legal environment now supporting electronic signatures, digital data streams continue to grow, even as the number of hard copy documents declines. Since this is the case, managing supporting documents for paperless contracting has become an essential necessity for businesses that seek to take advantage of all the opportunities in the digital world.
Jouve puts its business expertise and industrial know-how to work in a new online application, accessible from smartphones and tablets, which lets you quickly and reliably capture and check client data at a very early stage of your business processes.

Main Features

Jouve offers a real-time processing solution for multichannel (point of sale, mobile, web) ID and supporting documents; it optimizes your client relationships and improves user experience:

  • Identification and classification of supporting documents, such as identity documents; bills for utilities, telephone and Internet service; and bank details

  • Extraction of client data (names, dates, adresses, references, MRZ lines, BIC/IBAN, etc.) from documents

  • Automatic checks in real time:

    • Authenticity and validity of identity documents.
    • Compliance: consistency in names, dates, etc. within and between documents and form fields.
    • Completeness: checking that all required documents are in the transaction file.
    • Querying internal or external sources such as CRM bases, national data files for combating fraud.

Your Benefits

  • Speed up the process of accepting transaction files by completing the checking processes earlier.

  • Optimize your transformation rates and improve user experience.

  • Increase your productivity by automating front office entry tasks and reducing the need for subsequent back office checking.

  • Reduce the risk of document fraud by optimizing real-time checking.



Use this for:

  • Enrolment processes and signing contracts

  • Changing contact information, such as addresses and bank details

  • Processing cards and licenses requests