Incoming, outgoing and circulating mail

Multi-channel business mail hub

Reduce the distribution and integration times for your mail within your departments!

Reducing the processing times of customer records and new organizations by geographical distribution of competencies introduces an efficient distribution of mail to the various sites of a company or administration.

With its large-scale mail hub and its partners, Jouve offers organization and solutions for reliable and rapid processing of your incoming mail, consolidation of your outgoing mail, and management of mail circulating between your sites (internally).

Costs for postage, drafting and transportation of documents are some of the most costly items for many administrations and companies.

Together with you, Jouve organizes your mail in a different way, based on the following simple principles:

  • Analyze streams and routes
  • Centralize and consolidate the incoming, circulating and outgoing document streams : This is Jouve Business Mail Hub
  • Implement an integrated document process capable of processing paper documents, e-mail attachments, faxes, or images captured at the source.
  • Professionalize mail sorting upon receipt, mail sorting, digitizing, coding and indexation of documents
  • Propose truly effective automated document recognition/imaging
  • Prioritize processing of registered letters, and distinguish processing of sensitive documents
  • Implement NF Z 42-013-compliant processes, ensuring traceability of actions and document integrity
  • Disseminate in your IS or DMS-Workflow the images and data from documents
  • Arrange postage for consolidated quantities of mail at preferential rates
  • Archive or return only the strict minimum (legal minimum periods for archiving)
  • Commit to availability times for digitized mail
  • Provide a Business Continuity Plan suitable for your business

Jouve also employs its own document solutions for digitizing mail, proven with important institutions and banks in France:

  • Automated and simplified sorting rules in preparation,
  • Automated document recognition/imaging processing of digitized images
  • Dissemination of mail and files in the client's department baskets, and the management of anomalies and rejected mail
document entrant et circulant

Optimum management of your document flows

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