Files and Contracts

Accelerate enrollment and subscription of your future clients!

The instantaneous nature of new modes of communication has made clients demanding: processing times and wait periods when signing a policy or contract rapidly lead to dissatisfaction, even failure to join the product or service. Submitting official documents also pose difficulties for processing and verification with traditional processes.

Jouve provides a multi-channel subscription offer, making the client journey easier and quicker.

Whether it is in paper format, or browsing from a computer, tablet or smartphone, differentiated client journeys for subscription must be provided.

Through its solutions, Jouve provides a highly effective response to these challenges:

·         Complete traceability of application records received

·         Optimal digitizationof client record documents

·         Classification of documents (automated document recognition) and verification of record completeness

·         High-performance optical character recognition (OCR) used to extract data from documents

·         Verification for consistency between official documents submitted

·         Compliance verificationof documents with margin notes and statements made in the contract

·         Verification by an expert operator, if there is any doubt

·         Electronic signature and document archiving with evidentiary value, either with your usual electronic signature partner, or one of our partners

·         Management of records with anomalies by your own personnel, using our DMS-workflow solution

·         Complete auditing possibilities, compliant with NF Z 42-013 standard

·         Certificate of conformity of completed verifications can be attached to the customer record

·         Personalized Enterprise Output Management (EOM), via e-mail or post, to manage reminders for non-compliant records

These operations may be carried out in batch mode or in real time, singly or by contract batch, according to your internal organization.

For mobility or web channels, Jouve offers its solution for verifying conformity of records in real time Jouve Mobile Capture, which resolves a large number of anomalies at the point of sale, when the client is present.

  • With our multi-channel solutions, the customer journey is drastically reduced.
  • The process is neutral relative to the channel of information collection, which simplifies its administration.
  • The anomalies are addressed, some immediately, and others in reduced time, using automated information extraction and verification.
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