Jouve: for digital access to our cultural heritage

Institutions, (libraries, museums, archives, etc.), companies and publishers, all face the same challenge today: how to protect and make the most of their cultural heritage, while enabling access and viewing to the public at large? Large-scale conversion of these collections has already been started. It is a major challenge for them today.

This heritage is often valuable, and it increasingly includes vast quantities of documents, which are old, mixed, fragile and which require professional solutions that are suitable for the specific needs of their contents.

Specific needs

Capitalizing on our long experience with libraries, archives and museums, Jouve can meet its clients' new requirements:

  • maintain the context of a cultural heritage in addition to preserving it physically.
  • share, in digital form, a cultural heritage which has been preserved physically,
  • enable relevant research using a multitude of documents and texts,
  • present our heritage online,
  • ensure the digital preservation of old documents for legal and functional reasons, etc.

From digitization to distribution, while respecting the rules

Do you want to bring your originals alive, to exploit your iconographic treasures? Jouve offers a wide range of services, which are customized and adapted to each treasure, from a digitization system to the distribution and presentation of your digital documents.

  • consultancy and process optimization,
  • project management assistance,
  • project management,
  • digitization of fragile, valuable documents
  • post-digitization processing to restore old documents,
  • cataloguing (by creating or deriving and localizing entries),
  • OCR processing (full or partial, with or without links),
  • publication, harvesting and indexing in search engines,
  • publishing on the Internet,
  • document management platform.

Personal services

A turn-key project with bespoke solutions: in order to match the expectations of our customers, Jouve has created full document management solutions.

These include a federated information portal and logical Open Source building blocks. Their modular construction allows them to be flexed to meet the specific needs of each customer. And in addition, licensed on a single platform, these modules ensure that Jouve solutions are durable and unaffected by market trends.

The Group maintains a constant technological watch in order to exploit the most powerful cataloguing formats and metadata. Jouve provides added value services, such as the creation of catalogue entries (including "open book" ones) and digitization on-site.