impression à la demande

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Others Offers Offset and Digital Printing


A full service thanks to Print On Demand - POD

Jouve specializes in content management and is continually adjusting its printing processes to track the changes in the Publishing market and sectors such as mass billing agencies, industry and services.

Flexibility, swift reactions, personalization and rapid ROI are all criteria which Jouve applies when setting up production lines.


An automation line which enables us to offer personalized solutions

Jouve has learned to capitalize on more than 10 years experience in digital printing - through our sites imprimermonlivre.comand to offer a solution to match the needs of each customer. Workflows and high-performance digital printing technologies, developed in collaboration with our partners, guarantee quality and the meeting of delivery deadlines.

  • web services, interfaced with the customer's IT systems, to automate order entry
  • optimum control and security in the production line, from checking files through to logistics and dispatch

Full service provision, for a single copy upwards

The synergy and flexibility of our product range make Jouve a European market leader and allow us to handle a wide range of products, from black and white, soft-cover paperbacks to large format, bound, color photo albums.

  • Automatic integration of order processing
  • Print runs of a single copy or a small run in black and white or four-color
  • Soft cover AND binding for single units or short runs

Order preparation: packaging and cross-promotions

  • Logistics and dispatch in France and internationally

Customer benefits

The print on demand and digital printing product range allows optimization of print runs, depending on demand and the works' lifecycles:

  • preparing initial copies for sales promotions, or to test the market for book sales to end users
  • producing identifiable protected books to prevent piracy of demonstration copies
  • responding rapidly to demand for reprints or printing of new books in whatever quantity is required
  • responding to ad hoc demand for printing out-of-print works
  • doing away with storage costs and shredding
  • delivering books all around the world