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Specialist solutions for modernizing public administrations

For more than 20 years, the Jouve group has been working with public administrations in their drive to modernize themselves. Aware of the demands incorporated in the French General Review of Public Policies (RGPP) - (value for money, better quality, optimization of services supplied to members of the public etc.). the Jouve group can provide advice and solutions for the public sector in the major projects underway for e-administration.

  • Domain knowledge
  • Proximity
  • Sustainable development

Jouve Group can assist from the project management to the implementation of multi-channel industrial solutions.

  • Processing very dissimilar physical and digital information flows (mail in and out, email, fax, telephone, etc.)
  • Optimization of relations with contacts, whatever type of channel may be used

Thanks to its experts with domain knowledge, the Jouve Group provides services with a high degree of added-value for the digitization of administrative procedures, automation of document flow processing and multi-format publications.