Surveys and forms: high-capacity processing solutions

Optimize processing of your forms and surveys

Automate extraction and verification of information submitted

As digital forms grow in number and use, a significant number of respondents still fill out their forms by hand.

For the past 18 years, Jouve has created effective hand- and type-written recognition processes and services for printed Cerfa forms or reissued PDFs, Insee and other major data collection institutions around the world have relied upon Jouve for many years.

Large-scale processing of Cerfa and surveys pose specific challenges:

·         Recognition of handwritten or cursive characters

·         Check boxes, which often feature erasures or crossed out responses,

·         Processing of open questions or "Other, please specify" fields, from which free-form text is collected

·         The use of a photocopied Cerfa or forms by administrations

·         The use of forms printed from PDFs found on the internet

·         Partially typed submissions of some form formats,

·         Annotations outside of provided spaces


Jouve provides suitable solutions for these specific processing issues

To each challenge associated with these types of forms, Jouve provides an expert answer.

·         The effectiveness of its own large-scale Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) engines, paired with other market engines

·         Processing of forms, whether they are original printed forms or reprints

·         Optimal management of specific cases: erasures, illegible text, ambiguously checked boxes, etc.

·         Verification of address fields

·         Verification of identifiers with control keys

·         Sampling inspection, adhering to the ISO 2859-1 standard

·         Differentiated standards of quality depending on field type

·         Possible destruction of forms post-processing

Accuracy and confidentiality of data constitutes the foundation of what we do

Jouve is committed to the quality and accuracy of reconstructed information, as well as to the confidentiality of its processing procedures.

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