Web accessibility

Make your site accessible to as many people as possible, increasing the number of visits by users, by customers

Your needs

  • Identify and measure the work needed to comply with legislation
  • Choice of tools (CMS/portals) to provide the best level of guaranteed accessibility
  • Raise awareness among your contributors and train them in accessibility factors for which they are responsible, to make sure these are applied long-term in the site

What you can gain

  • Respect the French regulatory framework and obtain a certificate of compliance
  • Strengthen the compatibility, portability and interoperability of your site
  • Improve the links to your site
  • Improve the image of your entity by acting responsibly as a good citizen
  • Benefit from improved ergonomics and legibility

Our solutions

  • Site audit based on your choice of reference framework and level, providing you with a detailed report
  • Report with recommendations to improve the site's compliance with prioritized management
  • Making the site compliant: corrective / development maintenance, site redesign, training of contributors
  • Experts for each stage of a project from design to training
  • Certifications
    • Experts AccessiWeb 2.0
    • Active members of the AccessiWeb Working Group
    • In-house and external trainers
    • ISTQB certified